About CSP

The Canada Specialist Program is an educational tool designed to promote travel and tourism to Canada.

At the Canadian Tourism Commission, we want you to become Canada Specialists. We have created an educational tool—the Canada Specialist Program (CSP)—to help you become an expert in Canadian experiences. By completing this program, you'll learn about travel in Canada interactively, earn an exclusive sales accreditation, have access to bespoke sales tools and reduced travel rates, and your contact details will be posted on our national consumer web site.

Easy learning

We’ve organized this program by traditional touring regions. You can sell just one province for in-depth visits, plan a longer trip through two or three provinces or suggest cross-Canada travel itineraries for your clients who have more time. We are, after all, the second biggest nation in the world.

By concentrating on touring regions, you'll learn the locations of gateway airports that connect your clients with Canadian experiences. We've organized the program into these learning modules:

Overview of Canada

  • British Columbia and Alberta
  • Manitoba and Saskatchewan 
  • Ontario and Quebec
  • Atlantic Canada
  • Canada’s North
  • Aboriginal Experiences
  • Winter Experiences

Once you've completed the introductory module, you can proceed in any order you like, exploring Canada by regions that interest you most, or by regions in heavy client demand. YOU

Each module has links to the experiences you're studying. These links and access to itineraries activate when you’ve successfully completed the program. Once you pass, you have operator links, itineraries and resource material at your fingertips.

The passing grade

You need a score of 80 per cent to pass. That is 80 per cent for every module quiz. If you want to learn more, you’ll get the opportunity. Once you’ve submitted your quiz answers, the system will tabulate your score. You can check any incorrect answers by returning to the module.

If you did not get 80%, we'll show you the incorrect answers and you can retake the quiz. It’s that easy.

Benefits to you

Achieving the Canada Specialist designation comes with a number of benefits. And, as you learn, you'll see your training site evolve into one of your greatest sales tools. 
When you complete all eight modules successfully, you will have earned your Canada Specialist Level accreditation and certificate from the Canadian Tourism Commission. You’ll also have online access to print signage for your agency as well as logos for your business cards.

There will be a link to the Canada-based supplier for you to access for information only on the product.
Once you have passed the course, you’ll have access to the links to the key suppliers of all the experiences listed in these modules. Your local Canadian tour operator will provide you with the best and quickest opportunity to book that product.

Valuable tools
The CSP online training tool gives you the opportunity to create your own “sales files.”

Finally, we’ll equip you with the e-newsletter/e-brochure templates where you can drop in Canadian content, add your personal message and send to your clients. How easy is that?